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[No longer a] MYSTERY BOX!

2011-08-10 07:05:52 by MrMusicalLion

Just wow.
Thankyou Newgrounds.
Absolutely love this idea
And what's not to love about a great surprise?
Pretty sure this is the most awesome parcel I've ever received

[No longer a] MYSTERY BOX!


2011-08-03 06:39:22 by MrMusicalLion

2nd place on July NAC :3
[Entry: RunRoze]


Guide to Annoying 'Smart' People

2011-08-01 23:12:47 by MrMusicalLion

Having met a few 'Smart' people on here, I thought it best to share what I have learnt.

1. Most 'Smart' people will write you long messages, detailing in scrupulous detail, everything that they think that they are well-informed about. Show these 'Smart' people exactly how smart you think they are; ignore 99% of their message, and reply to only one statement in it, putting little thought into it. Of course, the Smart person will understand that you are merely speechless, and that you aren't insulting them by ignoring them and making a wry one line quasi sarcastic retort.

2. Most 'Smart' people do not realize that on the reviews, the artist gets to have the last say. And also you can change your reply! Use this to your advantage. Write out a most damaging reply, and then when you have inspired the 'Smart' person to 'educate' you, then change what you had originally written to something a lot more insightful and understanding so that when the 'Smart' person goes to tell all his penpals about how stupid you are, he will have [Rather smartly] asked them to look at the reply that was given, and as a result, will inevitably be made to look like a total fool in front of his 'friends'

3. Write news posts about said 'Smart' person and make sure you mention no names at all so that they can never be too sure that it is about them and in fact there is no proof to say either way who it is about at all, rendering all arguments and retaliations useless as it could all be a foolish misunderstanding - and smart people wouldn't want to do something stupid, would they now?

..... the above is merely a totally fictitious account except for the parts where I sort of told the truth in a sort of mocking manner that I know might cause a few people to want to kill me slowly.
On the other hand,

I'm laughing at the thought that some people can spend 30 minutes to write something which can be totally trashed in 30 seconds flat. Oh the irony.


2011-07-31 23:12:51 by MrMusicalLion

Tip to all serious reviewers of music;

1. Make sure your own sound setup is adequate. How can you scrutinize the constellations in the sky if you are looking at them with a broken telescope?

2. Separate your own personal vendettas from the music. Of course you might not enjoy the style at all, yet a true critic can look far beyond his own preferences and can grasp the principles behind any genre, whether or not he enjoys it.

3. Conduct your review without a shred of pretense; false appraisals are more offensive than honest insults.

4. Remember: Short & Sweet - makes a treat. There is nothing worse than to receive a long, drawn out and dry review which is painfully detailed yet totally and utterly useless in terms of providing a helpful evaluation.

Overall, just remember - people really cannot be bothered to read a review that sounds like it was written by a self proclaimed king.

over and out,


2011-07-25 09:33:08 by MrMusicalLion

It's not that I'm out of ideas;
But every now and then I like to make a piece of music based upon an imagination/idea that someone has.

So if anyone out there has anything they'd like to hear turned into music [And yes, I expect many wry & sarcastic suggestions xD ] then post your thoughts below and I'll pick one and see what I can do!


p.s Thanks Mindchamber for giving Apocalypse 3rd place for robot day ^_^

Music Review requests

2011-07-15 15:38:33 by MrMusicalLion

Anyone out there who wants their music reviewed
Post your music in the comments and I'll do an indepth review


Review Requests..

2011-07-13 06:23:10 by MrMusicalLion

If you're a Musician and in need of a bit of helpful critique/analysis etc then feel free to request a review here.

Robot Day 2011 - Music!

2011-07-10 13:52:38 by MrMusicalLion

Here are the two pieces of music I have submitted for RD2011 :)
See what you think of them - Enjoy!

'Rebirth' /428094

'Apocalypse' /383117


2011-07-09 13:12:06 by MrMusicalLion

-breathes in-

-breathes out-

//Before you read any of this, bear in mind I am not whining. I'm not complaining. I'm not pointing fingers. I'm just tired of this playground retaliation system going on round the Audio Portal and although these thoughts probably won't change anything, it is simply interesting to hypothesize about solutions//

I've been thinking.
I don't think there is a way to stop these Zero Bombers;
However an interesting idea I had,
was if there would be some sort of... 'Leaderboard' that would show the 50 most recent pieces of music to have gotten Zero'd.

The idea being, that there would be some sorta separate voting rules for those pieces on that list. Instead of being able to vote 0-5, instead there is merely a thumbs up or thumbs down. You vote a thumb up if you agree it was worth a Zero and a thumbs down if you think it wasn't. If the ratio between thumbs up and thumbs down exceeds 75% after 5 votes [at least] etc then the 0 vote from before is discredited and the person who did the 0 vote gets a temporary ban placed on their voting abilities, i.e they won't be able to vote on anything for a set amount of time [A week at most, for instance]. Anyone who votes on those on the list, would get some sort of reward for doing so, to give people an incentive to regulate the voting.

Anyways I'm not saying this is an ultimate solution I'm just saying.. it seems like an interesting way of getting rid of these petty 0-voters if they are at risk of having their own voting powers diminished. Noone needs to find out who those Zero voters are, anonymity is maintained and it might be a good way of encouraging people to be more critical with the score they choose to vote something.

One immediate flaw in this solution is that people could just vote 1 instead of 0. However there could be another solution put in place for that - there could be seperate tables for those that are voted 0, 1 or 2.

3's, 4's and 5's should just be ignored. It doesn't matter what happens to the higher voted pieces because they are naturally exposed to more scrutiny the higher up on the leaderboards they become.

Just thoughts.. I don't expect anything to change yet I can't help but wonder.

Zero Bombers and 10-raters

2011-07-03 08:52:39 by MrMusicalLion

Firstly - Many thanks to all the people who have downloaded/listened to/voted high/rated my music. I appreciate it all and it's amazing the feedback I get on here, truly wonderful. It provides me with a lot of insight into my own music which is invaluable.

Secondly; Mr Zero Bomber - although you may be anonymous, Karma knows you, my friend. And Karma can do a lot worse than Zero-Vote someone out of jealousy :)