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Nice game. And nice music.

However.. that intro music sounds a little bit familiar.
Actually, quite familiar.
Because I created it.

No credit? No attribution? Incredible.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/383117

nerdook responds:

Credited. Attributed. Resolved matters with MrMusicalLion. ;)

~Thanks for using my music~

I was starting to get pretty agitated that my music was slipping under the radar so much. Thanks for bringing it to light ^_^

As for the game,
This style of game is the sort that I have played a lot. Thoughtful, simple, philosophical games. I like it. Well done.

RetroArts responds:

I simply love this track! I was surprised nobody used it on Newgrounds so far. Nice to hear you like the game. Thank you!

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Hmm. Not sure what to make of it. It's nice - it sounds pleasantly calm, and I like that. Yet.. I feel like the music could be phrased a little differently. I love what you wrote in the description - I can hear how you've tried to express that image musically - yet I think the music could be better if it were phrased differently.

So what do I mean? Okay well for instance, at the start.. I think it could sound a lot more thought-provoking if you subtly varied the length of the notes. For instance, the intro - the first 3 notes form an initial phrase.. if you held the 3rd note for a bit longer before moving to the note below it, it would give us time to think about what you've told us, musically.. it wouldn't need to be much of a change, just enough to make it so that the first 3 notes are distinctly separate from what comes next, to highlight it, as such. The sort of changes I have in mind, would be very minute, but just enough to make it all a bit more crisp.

Right now this is like a drawing which has faint lines - it's got all the right colours and shapes, but it could be outlined stronger so as to make it really stand out. To be honest this would probably be quite hard to do in sibelius, due to how you have to work with notation and so on. The changes I have in mind would be microscopic, i.e hemidemisemiquaver differences, lol.

Yeah. Well anyways good job, I like it but I think it could be more thought provoking. You have all the right stuff but more distinct phrasing would be nice.

For completeness.. I listened to the original. To be honest, I like it more but only because of the instrument choices. It's more 'full', so I have more to focus on. But I do agree, this is better in terms of structure/theory. This piece evokes a stronger feeling of solitude, that's for sure ^_^

Good stuff :)

CheckeredZebra responds:

Ha wow, I see exactly what you mean with slight differences happening throughout the piece. I suppose the 3rd note could become a bit longer, but in Sibelius it might look a bit like a mess, haha (adding a tie with a 16th note would be a trainwreck).

I think more dynamics would also help, as that's the only other way to artificially create a "feel" with robot sounding MIDIs.

Anyhow, thank you =D You've given me a lot to think about! Critiques like these are always helpful.

Marvelous. I like especially how it loops perfectly, pretty much.
In the interest of being thorough and critical, I will avoid giving this a 10. As much as I want to, there are several things that could have been executed better, I think [There always is, really.]

In terms of voicing and choice of instruments.. superb.
Structure of piece.. equally superb.
The area that I think you could improve upon, is depth of detail and phrasing.

I might sound insane for saying that as it sounds fantastic yet there are things here and there that could given slightly more detail, which would polish the mix so to speak. Silver is a precious metal indeed.. but even the finest things can be made to shine with more brilliance. ^_^

For instance, the strings could have been panned in such a way as to create a Call/Response effect, So, at 00:16-00:18 I would put the strings towards the left, with the last note panning towards the centre. Then, the next part of the phrase, [00:19-00:21] I would pan towards the right, initially, but moving towards the centre again. The overall effect would create a dynamic, immersive atmosphere that would make the music feel so much more alive. Basically the melody would zig-zag across the mix, tying everything together. I know you did pan the strings at some points yet I think it would have been better if it were more obvious/frequent.

As it stands, this piece is definitely tempestuous yet by freeing up the instruments to wander about the horizon a bit, it would add an extra level of chaos. The result being that it would take people off guard - making the music a lot more potent, overall.

Indeed you made this at 4am which is quite amazing really, considering how well this is made already. Anywho. My idea/point really, is that this piece would benefit from subtle atmospheric detail.

Aside from my inventive ideas - what do I like about this most? Well I love the Brass sections. They're quite delicious! They convey a perfectly sinister mood without sounding clichéd.

Well done ^_^

Breed responds:


I did seem to overlook some stuff. It's to be expected at 4am =P

In regards to your panning advice, it definitely is an interesting idea, but I pan all my instruments to be an accurate portrayal of an orchestra sitting in front of you rather than doing fancy stuff.

I'm in agreement though that the atmosphere needed a little more work in general. Maybe a few extra embellishment instruments. A little bit of polishing on some of the string phrasing wouldn't hurt either.

Thanks for the great review.


Nicely done. Makes me wonder what you dreamt of; a sentimental place of mystery comes to mind as I listen.
I like this alot. But to me it feels like it could be harnessed a bit more. Don't get me wrong - it's fantastic. But just like the food that goes on a plate might be cooked to perfection, a bit of salt and other various seasonings is always a welcome addition.

That sort of thing, small refined details to season the sound, would raise the quality of this piece from Brilliant, to Superb. A minor difference perhaps but a difference nonetheless.

The timing of when you introduced different musical elements, was wonderful. I felt like a horizon was being sketched out for me, layer by layer. By this same method you could also introduce further details. For instance, a high pitched 'Wa-wa-wa-wa' sound or similar, very faint, as though in the distance, to add depth to the sound, to give the listener more places to mentally explore.

As it is, the rain/cars/wind underneath it all does good job of that. Although, it sounds a bit disconnected from the music itself. By adding minor details like what I've already described above, it would make the music and sfx combine seamlessly, producing a more lucid feel - but perhaps your intention was to create a feeling of disconnection.

So yes. I think it's great, but more variety [At times it became a bit too repetitive] would create an even more evocative atmosphere.

Well done.

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Nice work

I watched the screen recording, was nice to see how it all came together. The pin up itself amuses me slightly since it looks a lot of one of someone who I try to avoid at all costs now ^_^

Anyways on an artistic level it's good work, maybe in the dark green of the top it could have benefited from a few more slightly darker green shadows i.e near to where the arm would be blocking the light more, to give it more shape/depth/definition etc

Overall good work. :)


I demand you get a scanner! xD Man I love this, seriously.

keilooooo responds:

Yes Boss :P


I love this. So much depth, so much to look at, so much to take in. Can you try and get a better quality image of this? I love it.

keilooooo responds:

Ty so much bud, i started drawing stuff like this since my early school days. People worried about me :P

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